Recommend great people for roles and be financially rewarded

You probably already do what you can to help people in your network. Now you can recommend them directly to a client and earn money if they’re hired.

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Join 1000’s of other professionals who are already experiencing these benefits;

Earn £1,500 and a network share when a candidate you’ve recommended is hired

Earn a network share when a member you’ve recommended joins the network

We share 10% profits annually with members based on the network shares they’ve earned

Join today and be part of a new way to find talent that’s disrupting the industry

I have spent years building my professional network with people I am confident to recommend for roles. I do it all the time anyway. Now I have a way to actually see some benefit from that recommendation.

Lee Turner

Senior Java Developer

Frequently asked questions

How are you different to an agency?

Our network is full of professionals who are experts in their field rather than experts in recruitment. They have great networks and tend to know who is available or interested in moving. This means they are in a unique position to be able to personally recommend candidates for roles. In addition, because we don’t have the overheads of an agency, our fees are lower.

How do you help with diversity?

We proactively ensure our curated network of experts is diverse. This provides organisations with recommendations from talent pools which have previously been inaccessible and ensures continued growth of diversity within the network. We’re committed to ensuring that the best candidates have the opportunity to be shortlisted for roles, regardless of age, sex, race, ethnicity, disability and any other factors that have absolutely no bearing on an individual’s ability to perform a job.

As a member, are there any IR35 implications?

There is no contract of employment between AnyGood? and a member, this is confirmed in our Terms and Conditions. Please get in touch for more information

How do I become a member?

Simply fill in a few details here and we will be back in touch to confirm your membership

I’d like changes to the platform, how do I ask for these?

We run a Client and Member Forum where enhancements are raised and prioritised by users of the system. If you are interesting in being included, please get in touch.

Some roles are subject to non disclosure agreements, can I post anonymously?

Yes, you can post roles without anyone knowing which client it is for

What if I hire someone and they turn out to not be right for the role?

Within the first 3 months of someone being on site, if hired on a contract basis and you believe that they are not of the right quality, we will provide a replacement free of charge. If permanent and within the first 12 months, we replace free of charge.

What kind of roles do you find candidates for?

Our members identify candidates for a broad range of professional roles across multiple industries, both for permanent and contract hires. These roles include but are not limited to those within Technology, HR, Marketing, Finance, Sales, Change, Operations, Legal, Compliance, Risk and Strategy. Our network is also spread across multiple industries including Finance, Retail, Energy, Property, Gaming, Leisure, Technology, FinTech and Management Consulting.

How can I trust your network?

Every member is assessed to ensure they meet our entry criteria. Once someone is a member, we monitor the volume of candidates being put forward, how many are shortlisted by clients and the quality rating given by the client. If the quality is low we intervene and review each case in isolation.

Do clients have to pay a platform fee?

No, there’s only a one off fee if someone is hired

Can members be taken off the network?

Yes, absolutely if their activities risk the trust a client puts in us.

I’d like to share information about your service to members of my organisation, can you provide something to help?

Yes, enter your details here and we will send you our introductory pack

Do you publicise roles on job boards/LinkedIn etc?


Is there a fee for being a member?


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