Carl Webber


I’m fortunate enough to have over 20 years experience in managing Change and building/running Operations for both large and small businesses in various parts of the world from Newcastle to Shanghai with a ridiculous number of stop offs along the way (my carbon footprint doesn’t extend to South America yet but I’ve got the rest covered).

I’ve had great days, bad days and awful days at work but wouldn’t trade any of them as I’m now using all of that experience to build a business from an idea to where it exists in the world.

I’m at a stage in my career where I only like doing things that are either pleasurable or profitable and given a choice I’d also choose to only work with people I have a good dose of affection and respect for. Combine this with being driven by doing the right thing and I wasn’t really ever going to say no when Juliet started talking to me about building AnyGood? with her. Add Jo Moxon into the mix who is one of my favourite people on the planet and I reckon this could be my idea of a good time.