Jo Moxon

Advisor – HR and Talent Acquisition

Whilst my picture belies the fact…..,  I really do have over 20 years experience working within HR and Executive Teams having a great time transforming organisations;  centralising businesses, de-centralising and then bringing them back together again! I’ve really enjoyed the diverse industries that I’ve had the pleasure to work in, from Banking and Finance through to construction and engineering and laterally more digital and e-commerce organisations. All of them massively different with one huge common denominator, the need to find, retain and develop the best talent the market has to offer; and that’s what kept me truly engaged. 

For the last 15 or so years, I’ve been part of the gang inciting the rhetoric about  this ‘war on talent’ that the world has been obsessively fighting for so long.  For me, it’s now personal,  I’m done with fighting.  These days I’m more interested in liberating the talent that exists, becoming part of the solution not the problem. AnyGood? is my outlet to channel my passion for giving the best people a stage to be liberated and for organisations to have a ‘battle free’ way of accessing them. 
And when I’m not ending wars and liberating people, I’m usually found down the pub, often with Juliet and Carl, enjoying a Brewdog tipple…or two, plotting more liberation tactics.