AnyGood? Consulting

Since 2016, AnyGood? has been researching the best referral programmes, testing different approaches to engagement and assessing appropriate rewards. Alongside this, because we wanted to ensure that our proposition provided an equitable process that improves opportunities for diverse candidates rather than simply maintaining the status quo, we have also gained specific insights into effective D&I strategies within recruitment.

This has given us unique expertise in both optimising referral programmes and the implementation of inclusive recruitment processes and we’re now happy to be able to share this expertise as part of a consultancy service. These services are available for both existing clients at a discounted rate and those who are not using the platform.

Here’s more information on how we can help;

Referral Programmes

Employee and talent pool referrals have been around for a considerable amount of time, but we regularly hear feedback from clients about how they are not able to optimise this incredibly valuable source of talent. The AnyGood? proposition was crafted through deep research into the sharing economy and two sided marketplaces, which employee and talent pools referrals effectively are. Prior to launching AnyGood? and then since launch we have focused on best practice across platforms with similar models (e.g. home/car/resource sharing). Now our experience of best practice marketplace models within the context of recruitment allows us to be in the unique position of being able to share these insights.

Our services include a review of existing referral processes, recommendations based on desired outcomes and support with implementation. We will share our experience of attracting a network from scratch, maintaining engagement, delivering effective rewards for specific audiences and balancing a two sided marketplace.

Diversity & Inclusion

When AnyGood? first launched it became apparent very quickly that our network could easily grow into one which maintained the status quo of candidate attraction and hiring rather than improving it. This resulted in specific research directly with those who are most challenged, to truly understand how we could best help. AnyGood? has been specifically designed to support those who are at the extremes of the process and that’s why we’re proud that it works for everyone. We continue to research this to ensure we’re doing everything possible to reduce bias and help our recommenders act as sponsors for those who otherwise may not even see a role, let alone be considered for it.

Undertaking this research has resulted in AnyGood? collaborating with partners who are specialists in specific areas of diversity and inclusion. We’re certainly not the experts in all areas, very few (if any) people can say they are. That’s why we advocate a blended approach to consulting in this area.

Through our unique network of partners, we can provide anything from insights into a specific challenge being experienced, to speakers for an event all the way through to a full audit of an area of your organisation. We utilise the broad set of specialists available to us and facilitate the work centrally to enable you to have unique insights consolidated and personally prepared for your organisation.