This post was written by our Co-Founder JuIiet Eccleston

My co-founder Carl was recently interviewed for a podcast about disrupting the recruitment industry. One of the questions he was asked by marketer Phil Byrne was, “Where do you see the future of recruitment heading over the next ten years?” It’s an interesting question and one that Carl and I have a very similar answer to. In short, we think there will be dramatic change – and it will be for the better. Here’s how.

Driving change in recruitment

In last week’s blog, I talked about how little innovation the recruitment industry has seen, not just in recent years but in several decades. It’s long overdue an overhaul, and AnyGood? will be spearheading that change. Ten years ago, we didn’t anticipate that Uber and Airbnb would be able to enter the crowded taxi and hospitality markets and disrupt each industry to the degree that they have. Their founders saw limitations with the current models of operation, recognised that there was very little originality or progression and seized the opportunity to reinvent things using modern technology. AnyGood? is driving similar change in the recruitment industry, which is, in my view, outdated, ineffective and doesn’t fully meet the needs of its clients and candidates.

The phasing out of intermediaries

In ten years, I predict that modern technology and effective networking will significantly reduce the need for intermediaries to play a role in recruitment. At the moment, we’re right at the beginning of a change in attitudes regarding the use of recruiters. Our recent survey of over 600 professionals found that the majority disliked using agencies and 95% said they’d be more inclined to consider applying for a job if someone in their network of professionals recommended the role to them. This movement away from agencies and a desire to put the control back in the hands of hirers and jobseekers is already gathering speed. We’ve seen the success of Expedia, which cuts out the need for expensive travel agents, and Purple Bricks, which proves that people can do without estate agents. These innovative platforms show that utilising new technology to put people in direct contact with each other to find solutions is something that really works, and it’s the same principle that underpins AnyGood?

The gig economy will continue to grow

We know that the people’s attitudes to their working lives are changing: professionals want more flexibility and greater control. The gig economy is gaining momentum because it offers individuals the opportunity to enjoy more varied work. As someone who freelanced for many years, I can understand why so many fellow professionals like the independence and freedom that it affords them. There will, however, be another impact of this rise in contracting: the more that professionals freelance, the wider their network of contacts becomes. This means that these individuals will be ideally placed to personally recommend other professionals for roles that they know they’d be great for. The AnyGood? network will organically grow along with this, meaning its users will benefit from this wealth of insider information.

We’ll see more diversity and inclusion

With more of a spotlight on diversity than ever before, it’s fantastic to see more businesses recognising the value of an inclusive workforce and taking steps to make sure that their organisations more accurately reflect our multi-cultural society. Over the next ten years, I think we can definitely expect to see greater levels of diversity. AnyGood? is already a step ahead of this. We actively curate our network by partnering with organisations that represent diverse groups so that our members are an accurate representation of society. This means when clients recruit through the platform, the professionals that are recommended are equally diverse. It also helps to remove the unconscious bias that some hirers may have, where they find themselves hiring in their own image or choosing candidates that are similar to existing employees.

There’s no question that the recruitment industry has stagnated, with very little going on in the way of innovation. However, the needs of candidates and clients are steadily evolving, to the point that the sector as it stands is no longer able to meet their demands. It’s time for a new way of matching candidates to job opportunities: one which eliminates the unnecessary intermediaries who are adding little or no value, takes full advantage of our professional networks and which levels the playing field for professionals from all cultural backgrounds. AnyGood? is set to be the Uber of recruitment and disrupt the industry for good: will you be part of this evolution?

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