This post was written by our Co-Founder Juliet Eccleston

How awful that this is a suggested Google search, but lets face it, it’s easier to hate than do something about it.

On LinkedIn every day we see examples of just how broken the recruitment industry is, there is simply too much noise to indicate that the current state is satisfactory. This unhealthy pattern of candidates ‘outing’ bad recruiters, recruiters unhappy with candidates and clients unhappy with high costs, low quality and time to hire.

So, we’ve built something to solve the problems we’re all familiar with, as clients, candidates and recruiters.

We haven’t tinkered around the edges or streamlined a broken process. We started with a blank piece of paper and talked to clients and candidates to find out what they really wanted. This approach together with the evolving economy of collaboration and community inspired us to build a proposition based on three fundamental beliefs;

  1. Reputation matters and is valued
  2. There is strength in working as a community
  3. Access over ownership

Maintaining these as our foundation, we began to challenge current assumptions as to how it should work. We knew that we had to consider the role of the intermediary. Like so many other industries, this role is being removed or redefined but it couldn’t just be a technology solution, we all love a bit of technology but it’s apparent that a human element is still key in finding the best person for a role. So, the solution evolved into one that combined technology and people.

We set ourselves bold challenges such as;

  • ‘How do we create a process where every candidate is the result of a personal recommendation?’
  • ‘How do we motivate people to only recommend great candidates?’
  • ‘How do we create an efficient and transparent process underpinned by an ethical charging structure?’

These types of challenges kept us true to our general ‘go big or go home’ philosophy. The result is a lean and efficient way to find great talent called AnyGood?

By using the AnyGood? platform, clients have access to trusted experts who personally recommend people for roles. Our network covers a variety of industries such as Financial Services, Retail, Government, Telecommunications and a wide range of roles from Change Management to Marketing, Finance, Technology and HR, the list goes on. There’s no daily margin, no % fee, no candidate ownership and no platform fee. Just a one off fee of £6,500 if someone is hired, £1,500 of this goes straight to the person who made the recommendation.

We manage the quality of our trusted network through it being by invitation only and every person is reviewed for suitability. Plus every candidate recommendation has a quality rating so clients can be confident that there are consequences for poor recommendations.

Our network operates as a community who are all focused on ensuring clients achieve the best outcomes possible. They do this not only because they are great people, but also because we recognise the importance of our members and will share a portion of profit via a reward scheme with them. We do this to further enforce the “co-operative” nature of our business.

So there you go, consider AnyGood? as being formally introduced to the world. We look forward to creating a bit of disruption and transforming this industry into one based on reputation, trust and community.

If you’re looking to do something about it too, then get in touch.