Tap into our expertise in recruitment technology and let us work with you to deliver the changes
you’re looking for within your business.

With a background in delivering multi £m change programmes including their own innovative
technology platform, AnyGood? are well positioned to be able to help you with changes to your
recruitment processes and technology, no matter how large or small.

Whether it’s a simple website that drives volume your way, a full end to end solution, leveraging
software as a service or helping you with your choice of vendors, we can help you understand
what’s needed to meet the outcome you’re looking for and ensure your return on investment.

Working in partnership with your business we will understand your goals and work with you to
understand the key differences you need the changes to bring. This will help you to prioritise
these and we can begin to plan how we can make these changes a reality.

We like to work in an agile way to help you see benefits early and reflect on any refinements
along the way. We also know how much can be improved by simply refining an existing process
with a low tech solution and so don’t build tech you don’t need.


You know change needs to happen. But is that change a business change or a software change?

We can help you take a fresh look at your processes and systems by completing a full assessment and evaluation on your current solution. We will work collaboratively through workshops and analysis exercises to get a clear picture of the ‘as is’ and ‘to be’.

Once we’ve completed the analysis stage we will understand how to make the simplest – and most effective changes.


By now, you’ll have clear business and technology goals.

We’ll make them happen, through tried-and-tested Project Management and Business Change techniques, honed and developed over 20 years.

Throughout the delivery process, we know that the unexpected can sometimes happen. That’s why our approach includes documenting new learnings and adding refinements as we go.

You don’t need to worry about stakeholder management, or co-ordinating delivery dates. We’ll do this all to best practice, taking any stress away from you.


What’s next?

The analysis has been completed, the project delivered, the handover to your team finalised.

This isn’t the end.

We’re still available to you.

Whether you need ad-hoc changes, or want to add new phases to you project, let us know. We’d love to help.

Ready to see how we can help? Get in touch: