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Reputation Matters

Strength in community


Access over Ownership


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Levelling the playing field

How does this help your challenges?

Candidate quality

We actively manage the quality and diversity of our network and our members personally know the candidates they recommend. We continuously review the quality of recommendations to maintain the integrity of the network.

Access to candidates

Our network is both diverse and extensive. Not only are you reaching new talent pools, but because people tell their network about their availability before they tell anyone else, you get direct access to untapped resource.

Cost to hire

We’ve created a lean and efficient process, so our costs are lower than other ways of sourcing talent. As we don’t believe in candidate ownership, there are no hidden extras. Basically you only pay for the value we add, if there’s no hire, there’s no fee.

The most interesting outcome from our perspective was that the successful individual wasn’t the ‘typical’ type of candidate we’d hire. However, as we had the recommendation from a reputable professional, we felt confident that they could be the right person for us – and they certainly were! Since the placement, the new hire has had a really positive impact on the business. Her way of working is slightly different to the methods we’re used to, but it’s resulted in progress being made in areas we’d previously struggled with, particularly with foreign investment.

Julian Woolley

Group Assurance Risk and Best Practice Director, HomeServe

Move away from the outdated hiring lottery to a
straightforward solution that gives you direct access to candidates.

We don’t…


Recommend people we don’t know



Take a margin every day a contractor works for you, or a large % of a salary for a permanent hire



Own candidates. This includes not keeping candidate data to ourselves or having restrictions on your engagement with them



Take a 'spray and pray' approach hoping to find a candidate


We do…


Provide personal recommendations from members who have worked with candidates



Have a simple and transparent payment structure – just a one off introductory fee if a candidate is hired



Provide you with full candidate information at the point of introduction for you to continue your relationship with no commercial restrictions



Maintain a trusted network of members who are monitored on the quality of recommendations