AnyGood? is committed to making a difference to the recruitment industry. We commissioned independent research in 2018 to lift the lid on the subject of trust in recruitment and have opened up discussions with industry professionals, hiring managers and candidates. Since then, we have facilitated debates and roundtable events on the subject. The outputs are shared here and are free for anyone to download.

AnyGood?’s mission is to bring fairness and integrity to the recruitment industry. In order to achieve our mission, we want to uncover and explain what really drives trust. Trust is the number one issue for recruitment. Perhaps it’s also it’s means of salvation. By understanding what drives trust, we will be able to provide insights into models to move both towards and away from.
Juliet Eccleston
Founder & CEO – AnyGood?

There’s a point in any market where questions need to be asked when the level of trust is so low. Questions such as  “Do you trust algorithms to find candidates?”, “How much is a reasonable fee?” and of course “To what extent do you trust recruitment consultants?”. We’re working with AnyGood? to uncover the key insights which will enable real change.
Guy Shone
CEO – Explain The Market

Trust In Recruitment Independent Research

AnyGood? chose to work with Explain the Market to ensure the research was independent, robust and provided unique insights. Explain the Market is proud to be one of the most trusted and reliable thought leadership agencies. Their insights are regularly used to explain market developments across the world’s most prestigious media channels.

Trust In Recruitment Debate

Following the research being published AnyGood? organised an open debate where key questions such as “What is the real reason for the low trust?”, “Who “owns” the problem?” and “Can you regulate the industry?” were asked. 

Trust In Recruitment Diversity Round Table

What level of responsibility should the recruitment industry have to ensure that the process for finding the best talent is equitable? This the question that was asked of our round table attendees in February 2019. To help ensure diversity of thought, we gathered people from many different groups to help with the outputs both on the day and for refinement following the event. We’re incredibly grateful to those who gave up their time for this research.