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Our Vision

AnyGood? is making a bold stand in this new economy. We’re committed to driving out inefficiencies and providing the best way to find the right person for a role. Everything we do is based around our customers – the three key players in the process. The client, the member and the candidate. That’s why our processes have been designed by these very people.

We believe…


That reputation matters and is valued


That there is strength in working as a community


In access over ownership

Who We Are

When it comes to finding talent, we’ve been in it, have experienced the frustrations, we’ve even been part of the problem. What we’ve created comes from a united belief that there is a better way.

Juliet Eccleston

Juliet’s frustration with the hiring process has driven her to create a real alternative. Recognising what can be achieved by collaborative communities, together with a shift in the market towards the importance of reputation and recommendation enabled the concept of AnyGood? to emerge. [Read More]

Carl Webber

Carl’s experience of global change and operations has given him a unique insight into what it takes to find great people and the difference this makes to organisations, this firsthand experience means he totally shares Juliet’s frustration with the current choices available to organisations looking for talent. [Read More]

Jason Oakley

Client Services Director
Jason’s career in executive resourcing has spanned nearly two decades, during which time he’s witnessed the challenges facing organisations in attracting and sourcing talent change beyond all recognition. He feels as though businesses haven’t had a credible alternative to meet their changing needs until now. [Read More]

Jo Moxon

Advisor – HR and Talent Acquisition
Jo’s lack of acceptance to be a part of the ‘War on Talent’ drives her passion for change. Working with the AnyGood? team, she uses her experience to help keep the proposition aligned to what clients really value. No gimmicks, just a fair and transparent model which gives the best people a stage from which they can be liberated. [Read More]

Client and Member Forum


Our Client and Member Forum is at the heart of the evolution of our platform. As well as gathering feedback and refining on an ongoing basis, we convene a regular panel of clients and members to discuss and vote on the priority of our roadmap. In short, the services that you want to see as a priority is what we’ll focus on next. 


Really listening to feedback and knowing what’s going to add the most value to clients and members allows us to stay true to our values as an organisation.

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