About Us

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Our Vision

AnyGood? is making a bold stand in this new economy. We are leveraging the power of human relationships and networks to ensure that employers are getting access to the best candidates, faster and at a lower cost. We believe in levelling the playing field by making a stand for fairness and integrity. AnyGood? referrals ensure that prospects come from a credible source. Fixed fees, member rewards and direct introductions ensure transparency.

We believe…


That reputation matters and is valued


That there is strength in working as a community


In access over ownership


In levelling the playing field

Who We Are

When it comes to finding talent, we’ve been in it, have experienced the frustrations, we’ve even been part of the problem. What we’ve created comes from a united belief that there is a better way.

Juliet Eccleston

Juliet Eccleston

CEO and Co-Founder
Juliet’s frustration with the hiring process has driven her to create a real alternative. Recognising what can be achieved by collaborative communities, together with a shift in the market towards the importance of reputation and recommendation enabled the concept of AnyGood? to emerge. [Read More]

Carl Webber

Carl Webber

COO and Co-Founder
Carl’s experience of global change and operations has given him a unique insight into what it takes to find great people and the difference this makes to organisations, this firsthand experience means he totally shares Juliet’s frustration with the current choices available to organisations looking for talent. [Read More]

Jo Moxon

Jeanette Rooms

Non-Executive Director
A senior HR executive with 20+ years’ multi-sector experience working alongside CEO’s and the C-Suite. [Read More]


We are delighted to be able to support Beam in tackling the growing crisis of UK homelessness by connecting people with skills and training. They allow people to make a connection to someone’s story and donate money online that will support their specific training. Your donation can also be split amongst all active campaigns on their site. It’s a great example of what can be achieved with crowdsourced support.

This fits so well with both our mission to bring fairness and integrity to the recruitment industry that it was a complete no brainer to choose Beam to work with. We’ve started by giving the option to members to donate rewards and will continue to investigate other ways we can support this impressive initiative.

We're Crowdfunding!

At AnyGood?, we are building a new way of doing things, driven by a tribe of members who share collective values and appreciation that the system needs fixing. This movement transcends local markets, and addresses a global problem, demonstrating the scale of opportunity that the AnyGood? system represents. Sound inviting? Join us and click below to find more about how you could help to change the future of recruitment, and own a piece of the revolution!