Juliet Eccleston

For a long time now I’ve been frustrated with the process for hiring great people. Inefficiencies, lack of trust, combined with high costs is the norm. I’ve found it hard to understand how, when we are in an era of innovation with even the largest ‘untouchable’ industries being disrupted, why this process hasn’t seen its own real alternative. This frustration combined with seeing the immense possibilities of collaborative communities and focus on reputation, enabled a new concept to emerge.

My experience of change started with Egg, the first internet bank back in the 1990’s. Since then I’ve continued to work with some great teams across Financial Services, Retail and Government. Moving between industries has given me great insight into their particular challenges and the recurring theme across all of them is that finding good people at a reasonable price is harder than it needs to be.

Making this real in the world is now the challenge and our team at AnyGood? provide a solid foundation of experience, drive and tenacity to deliver. Like any true disruption though, it will be the customers and the strength of communities that will be the force behind the tide turning for the industry.