Engagement within two sided marketplaces is always something you’re tracking and driving. Although we’re incredibly pleased to see our stats double in just one week, knowing that this is likely to be down to redundancies is not the reason we wanted this to happen.

Our platform is now acting as a hub for those candidates who have been made redundant who others would recommend for roles. We’ve had existing managers recommended those they’ve worked with and colleagues recommending each other.

We are continuing to reach out to those who have found themselves without work, those who can recommend these candidates and companies making redundancies.

If you happen to be making employees redundant at this time and would like our help to find them roles, please do get in touch. Similarly, if you would like candidates who are rarely on the market, contact me and we can look at the roles you have and see how they match the candidate and member volumes we’re seeing.

Let’s see if we can all help these amazing people be in roles they deserve and continue to support business growth and the economy at this challenging time. There are some truly great people out there… allow us to introduce them to you.