Our simple and transparent pricing model

Paying for value added

Use of the AnyGood? platform is free for clients and for members. Clients only pay the single flat fee when someone is hired.

Client fee for a candidate hired via AnyGood? – £6,500 (+ VAT).

There are no further charges or restrictions and if it doesn’t work out, we won’t charge you for a replacement. For contract placements this would be within the first 3 months and for permanent hires, a year.

How does this compare?

Here’s an example of what you may be paying for a permanent and contract hire to give you an idea of your potential savings. If you would like us provide a full cost benefit analysis for your particular business, please contact us and we can do these calculations for you.


Daily rate to candidate = £500 per day
Margin to agency (@ 20%) = £100 per day

Contract lengthTypical Agency ChargesAnyGood? FeeSavings with AnyGood?
6 months£10,000£6,500£3,500
12 months£20,000£6,500£13,500
24 months£40,000£6,500£33,500

If you want to employ someone after the contract period, there is often an additional fee to be considered. With AnyGood? there is no fee.


Margin to agency (@ 20%)

SalaryTypical Agency ChargesAnyGood? FeeSavings with AnyGood?

These examples have been used to represent average savings. We understand that fees vary considerably and savings may be more or less.