This is an offer of help that I recently sent to all of our existing clients. I’m sharing this externally in the interests of keeping as many businesses running as possible and people in work.

In addition to our core business of introducing employers to personally recommended candidates, there are three other areas where I know we can help. I’d be happy to personally discuss these with any internal hiring teams and offer practical solutions. No fees, strings etc…

1. Remote working strategies
2. Remote onboarding
3. Engaging remote workers

1. Remote working
For the past year AnyGood? has been working as a completely remote business. This has allowed us to not only provide greater flexibility to those who work with and for us, but also to learn what works and doesn’t work over an extended period of time. If your organisation is facing challenges in this area (beyond VPN access and bandwidth), feel free to get back to me and we can book in a chat.

2. Remote onboarding
Another way we can help our clients is with remote onboarding. We’re used to thinking differently at AnyGood? and have worked through approaches for remote onboarding strategies. Some of our clients have slowed down their hiring approach due to not having worked through this process. If you’d like our help, I’d be happy to freely share the options we have considered. Again, just drop me a line.

3. Engaging employees
Extended periods of isolation for employees can be a challenge for many and there will be a need to intentionally engage people throughout the day and week to maintain a connection. One way to help with this is to re-ignite your employee referral programme and use it as a way to connect, and for your employees to connect externally.

Ultimately, the key message here is to get in touch if there’s a way I can help. You can also be confident in the knowledge that due to the way we source candidates via a remote crowd, our service and team continue to operate as normal, in fact we’re getting more candidates for roles now than ever before.

Juliet Eccleston
CEO and Founder of AnyGood?