Hypermobility can be both a blessing and a curse, but I’m finding that this more accurately describes how I’m looking at AnyGood? and our need to contort into the kind of business that’s needed today.

For me, being flexible enough to offer free services, new features and discounted offers is critical but not enough. Only by removing the straight jacket of the core proposition, having a complete review of the resources we have and what our ecosystem now needs is actually the key to really adding value and supporting a more rapid and controlled recovery.

We’re continuing to morph as we learn more about the economic impact, lessons from other countries ahead of us and the response from business in the UK. As the world begins to settle and recover, many of the new ways we work will stay, be refined and be the “new normal” that I promised myself I wouldn’t ever mention in a post.

Here are the latest new ways we’re working to help employers who may or may not be hiring. Firstly how employers can reduce the cost of future hiring through our new Referral Credits, and also more information about our Redundancy Programme as recently shared as part of the CBI Redeployment of People Challenge.

Referral Credit

You may not know that as well as referring candidates to AnyGood?, Members are also able to recommend AnyGood? to clients. If they recommend us to a company that use us, we reward the Member with £500 per hire for the first 12 months.

So, we’ve been thinking. What’s stopping us from sharing this additional referral bonus with employers?

Well, the answer is nothing, actually.

Employers can now refer other businesses to us, and receive a £500 credit for each role we fill for 12 months. Say we filled 15 roles for a client employers recommended. They have £7,500 to put towards any hire they need. They can use all their credits at once or spread them out – we’re flexible. They just need to be used within 18 months.

Redundancy Programme

Businesses are doing everything they can to avoid losing staff. However, I some redundancies will be a sad reality of the current climate. It was great to see recently how Airbnb are helping their employees who unfortunately will be leaving, and we want to be a part of solutions that really help.

Last week, we emailed our clients about allowing employers to personally recommend redundant workers for roles. In order to assist with this, we’ve created a mailing list, to share our latest roles with employers who would like to be involved in the programme. Employers can now recommend someone going through the redundancy process.

There’s plenty more on it’s way, but if you have specific thoughts about how you think we could help, challenges that nobody has worked on or if you’d like to hear more about the above, contact me personally at juliet@anygood.com.

Thanks and take care,