AnyGood? are happy to report that more than 350 people have invested in their crowdfunding campaign which took them beyond the £375k target. They have since closed the round.

AnyGood? is a crowdsourced talent platform where professionals recommend other professionals for roles. The company leverages three key growth trends; the recruitment industry, the sharing economy and the adoption of HRTech.

The combination of crowd and technology provide a significant opportunity as a real alternative to existing models across many industries. Lines between work and leisure, colleague and friend, social networks and physical networks are blurring. The gig economy is driving a desire for rewards and passive incomes, while reputation has become a valuable currency.

About the model, CEO and Co-Founder Juliet Eccleston shared: “There is a significant opportunity for disruption within recruitment. From independent research we commissioned it was clear that it suffers from being a low trust industry, where inefficiencies appear to be the norm and value for money is often questioned”.

Guy Shone, CEO of global economic research company Explain The Market who ran the research shared how the market conditions are perfect for disruption. He explained: “Any time any part of any market appears to lose the trust of the public, that’s a great time to have an honest look at what could be done to make the market better”.

On what’s next following the investment round, Eccleston shared: “We are now fully focused on investing in three areas – technology enhancements, marketing and business development”. She continues: “We are fully committed to becoming the solution for crowd based recruitment. We can now leverage the growth opportunity of our core proposition which already has over 60 clients. We will also shortly be launching our expansion into employee referrals and talent pools. This, alongside partnership opportunities within the recruitment ecosystem itself make me incredibly excited for the future of the business.”