As those of you who follow our activities will be aware, we kicked off our crowdfunding activity this month! We’ve launched a campaign on Seedrs, with an impressive three year forecast valuation of £42 million. I’ve selected crowdfunding as our chosen method of raising the capital we need to take our business to the next level as it not only has so many positive business benefits, but also ties into our ethos of using the power of people and communities to achieve mutual goals. The power of crowdfunding is well documented, and has been used to help pay for a wide range of ventures, artistic and creative projects, medical expenses, travel, and social entrepreneurship campaigns. The practice continues to grow in popularity, and the amount of money made worldwide from crowdfunding is projected to reach a huge £54.4 billion worldwide in 2019.

But why is it so powerful?

The power of crowdfunding: Giving the public control

The main benefit of crowdfunding is that it puts power firmly back into the hands of the consumer. With crowdfunding, the public can make genuine decisions on what they would like their money to be put towards, making the market more free than ever. With this enhanced ability for people to fund projects that appeal to them, many genuinely useful products and services that previously may not have made it to fruition can be realised. This can be also extended to social causes. By using the power of crowdfunding to give people a real stake in a campaign, positive causes can be advanced, as people can truly feel a part of what they are investing in.  For example, our social enterprise partner, Beam, uses crowdfunding to fund employment training for the homeless. Last month, we worked with Beam and 100s of other supporters to raise the £3,981 needed to help a former homeless man, Ashley, gain access the training he needed to become a lorry driver.

Crowdfunding and AnyGood?

Clearly, the power of crowdfunding is huge. As strong believers in utilising the community to solve problems, it’s a natural progression for us to turn to crowdfunding to continue our growth. In a UK market worth £36 billion, where 90% of people are unsatisfied with agencies, many commentators have observed that recruitment is ripe for disruption – and AnyGood? is well positioned to do just that. The sector has been falling behind for a long time, with poor standards and out of date practices making it grossly out of touch with the people it serves.  This is the challenge AnyGood? was created to tackle. Our aim is to create a fairer, more equitable mode of hiring, and as a result, disrupt the industry for the better.

Our founder, Juliet, commented on the launch of our activity, saying:

‘Whilst we have been thrilled with the huge amount of interest in AnyGood? we’re not resting on our laurels. The recruitment sector has long been content to live with poor ethical standards, out of date practices and yesterday’s technology, and as a result has fallen behind the curve sector-wide. AnyGood? was specifically set up to address this problem and break the trend, and that is exactly what makes it such an exciting opportunity for both seasoned and first-time investors.’

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