This post was written by our Co-Founder JuIiet Eccleston

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that AnyGood? is the driving force behind a new campaign called Trust in Recruitment which aims to look at the ways in which the hiring industry can be overhauled so people’s faith in it is restored. Following our independent research, which revealed that a shocking 52% of people who have used recruiters in the past year don’t feel that they were treated honestly, it was clear that there needs to be a frank and open discussion among industry professionals about what needs to change.  As a result, the next step of our campaign is our panel debate with industry experts, to be held in London on October 9th.

A fair meritocracy

I’m delighted to reveal that our first expert panellist is Laura Degiovanni, the Founder and CEO of TiiQu, a platform that uses blockchain technology to create an immutable digital ‘passport’ as verified proof of an individual’s professional trustworthiness. Having worked as a consultant and manager in multinational groups, Laura wants to improve current working practices. Her mission today is to enable fair meritocratic access to work. I’m particularly keen to ask Laura for her thoughts on how the recruitment process can be made more transparent and an equal playing field for all candidates.

Expert commentator

I can also tell you that the facilitator on the night will be Tracey Barrett, one of the founding Directors of BlueSky PR, the specialist boutique communications consultancy for the recruitment, HR talent management and education sectors. Tracey is a regular speaker and commentator on recruitment marketing.

I’ll be announcing details of more guest speakers shortly, so check this space again soon!

If you enjoy a good debate, particularly if you’re in the industry as a hiring manager, recruiter, diversity specialist or within HRTech, sign up for the event today!

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