Restoring Trust in Recruitment – It’s Time for Debate

As part of AnyGood?’s Trust In Recruitment campaign, we commissioned independent research which revealed a rather sorry state of affairs. To drive discussion about this lack of trust in the hiring industry, we will be hosting a Trust In Recruitment panel debate on 9th October 2018. Find out how you can get involved.

Using dating apps to find jobs? Here’s a better way!

I recently read a fascinating article which says that millennials are increasingly using dating apps as a way to widen their professional networks with a view to finding their next career opportunity. But what are the factors that are fuelling this growth? And should they be using these apps instead of a professional platform?

How to spot a shady recruiter – top things to look out for

Last week, I blogged about how AnyGood? had commissioned research which painted a worrying picture of our recruitment industry. Of course, there are still some good agencies out there, but it pays to be wise to the warning signs of a less-than scrupulous firm. With that in mind, here are my top tips for spotting dodgy practices.

Would YOU trust a robot to shortlist you for a job?

Recently, an article was shared along with the claim that “recruiters of 2020 and beyond will rarely, if ever, actually speak to a candidate.” The prediction that the human element would be eliminated from the hiring process until the final interview was described by the poster as “excellent news.”

An honesty issue – why half of us don’t trust recruiters

Regular readers of my blog will know that I’m vocal about my belief that the recruitment industry just isn’t fit for purpose. Recently, one of my professional contacts, Guy Shone, echoed my thoughts on BBC Radio Five’s ‘Up All Night’.