Balancing technology and the human touch

First published on the CBI Website. In our quest for ultimate efficiency, have we lost sight of quality? This is a question I’ve been wrestling with since considering the level of automation that should be delivered by AnyGood? – a platform where professionals...

Crowdfunding Success Unlocks High Growth For Recruitment Disruptor

AnyGood? are happy to report that more than 350 people have invested in their crowdfunding campaign which took them beyond the £375k target. They have since closed the round. AnyGood? is a crowdsourced talent platform where professionals recommend other professionals...

How can we boost neurodiversity in hiring and what are the benefits?

Regular readers of the AnyGood? blog will be well aware that I am passionate about diversity and how it can truly be achieved. However, I find that this is often an over-used buzzword, and can be unhelpful in addressing certain problems. Though diversity of gender and...

Robot recruiting: ‘miracle solution’ or just another fad?

As those who follow us will be well aware, at AnyGood?, we’re fascinated with finding solutions to remove bias from hiring. The trend of hailing AI as the answer to this has been around for a while now, but is robot recruiting really the ‘miracle solution’ that many claim it to be?

How is trust in the sharing economy built?

The sharing economy, something we are passionate about at AnyGood?, is growing faster than ever, and with it, the importance of trust. So, how do sharing economy companies build this trust?

5 stories that show the huge potential of crowdfunding

As those who follow our activities will be aware, we are preparing to begin crowdfunding. As huge advocates of the power of crowdfunding, we thought it’d be beneficial to give examples of some of most successful and inspirational stories which show the positive effects of crowdfunding.

Gender bias proving costly to investors

As readers of my blog will know, I try to be as vocal as I can about diversity, especially in the workplace. This week, a report highlighting the shocking underinvestment in female start-ups has reinforced my feelings that there are still many barriers to be overcome.